by Fredrik and Joakim Stai

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VB6 Runtime required

Last Updated: 2000-07-01
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Software Description

If you are running a Shoutcast radio-station, this is the tool for you. Shoutfast let's you constantly see how many listeners you've got by scrolling the latest number in the system clock.

SHOUTfast gets the latest number of listeners from the Shoutcast logfile, so when you start the program for the first time you have to click the Browse-button and browse for the file "sc_hist.log". It should be found in the folder "gui" inside the Shoutcast-folder. The Options-window lets you choose which character is to be placed at each side of the number of listeners (it can be left empty). You can also choose if SHOUTfast shall check for new version when you are online, if it is to be placed on top of all other windows, be opened each time you start Windows and if it only shall be visible in the system clock when started.

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Re: down

It was a shortlived program, as ShoutCast changed their log format shortly after ShoutFast's release. This program is now useless unless you have an old version ShoutCast. Not sure it will work in Windows XP either.


i was wondering is your program a radio statiuon like shoutcast-winamp-because everytime i play there music they have allkinds of music it goes off and on it plays for awhile and than it goes off and on is your radiostation like that because it's really annoying,way does it do thatn please help me qwith this problem thank you for y6our time bye?

What Shoutfast is

Shoutfast is not like SHOUTcast, it's a tool for the SHOUTcast server that enables you to see the number of listeners without having to have the server window open.

I'm sorry but I can't help you with your sound problems, but try to ask on the forum on :)

Ps. I don't know if this program works anymore (because of updated to the server), but if you want to try it please be my guest. Don't expect updates thou :)

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