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Last Updated: 2007-02-12
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Software Description

WAV to MP3, OGG Converter is the best audio tool when you compare features and quality with the price. The program completes conversions in seconds reducing file sizes by roughly a factor of 10. It is ideal for converting batches of WAV files to the MP3/OGG file format saving your precious time.

This program works on all Windows systems.

With this great program you can make it easy to manage your converting task. You can select all the files from file dialog and then begin the conversion. Most of the work is done automatically JUST with several mouse clicks. You can see the overall progress of the operation on the bar below the list. The output MP3(OGG) file is written to the same folder where the source WAV file is located.

You can leave the default MP3/OGG settings because they are chosen carefully for your needs. But of course you are in full control of:

MP3 Settings

- Bit rate.

- Maximal bit rate.

- Channel mode.

- Emphasis.

- Variable bit rate(VBR) quality. .

- Use variable bit rate(VBR).

- Use low pass filter.

- Use psycho-acoustics analyze.

OGG Settings

-OGG Quality.

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The program is fast and

The program is fast and easy. You will be able to convert your music in a few clicks.

I like this converter

I like this converter because it supports a large variety of formats, and is simple to use.

You can use this conversion

You can use this conversion software if you need to convert files quickly without spending much time to learn how to do it.

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