Snaptune One v2.0.10829.1
by Snaptune Inc
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File Size: 4.0 MB
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System Requirements:

.NET Framework 1.1, An FM tuner: cabled to an external FM tuner, a USB FM tuner or built-in PCI TV/FM tuner.

Last Updated: 2007-08-29
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Software Description

Snaptune One is the ultimate radio time-shifting software that helps you discover new music. Simply tell Snaptune which radio stations you like; pick a schedule; and it does the rest. You can pause or rewind live radio, go back a whole week or longer to listen to any show again, and thanks to Snaptune's one-of-a-kind indexing technology you can see a playlist with individual songs, interviews, live sessions, news stories or talk segments all marked out. Click a song you like, skip over a song you don't like, or browse a list of all the songs Snaptune has found for you.

Snaptune One works with web radio stations, with most USB/PCI FM tuners or with any audio source connected to line-in. Pick a web radio station or simply connect the headphone jack on your existing radio to your PC to get started discovering an endless supply of new music. With web radio or a USB tuner you get the added benefit that Snaptune can tune to different stations according to a schedule you define.

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Anything new on this?

Anything new on this Snaptunes? Mine wont find names or artists of songs.

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