Solo Explorer
by Gailius Raskinis
(Gailius Raskinis Website)

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Feature-limited demo. MIDI files cannot be saved. Playback is limited to the first 15 sec. of the current selection.

Last Updated: 2002-03-20
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Software Description

Wave-to-midi converter, automatic music transcriber (recognizer), and score editor for Windows. Accurate in extracting music score out of the audio records of solo performances. Music score is displayed in a common graphical notation. It can be played, edited, and saved. Supports both prerecorded (Windows PCM 11025/22050/44100 Hz, 8/16 bit, mono/stereo) and direct audio input. Has straight-forward and easy-to-use interface.

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Re: solo



Hi would you please share your ideas with me about solo explorer.


Very low quality

The quality of the conversion is really low. I cant find any use for this program :-(

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