Songpress v1.2
by Luca Allulli
(Luca Allulli Website)

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Last Updated: 2010-04-29
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Songpress is a free song typesetting program (or "ChordPro formatter"). It allows you to create and print lyrics and chords (as in guitar scores), quickly and easily.

You create a song in the popular ChordPro format. Just place chords in square brackets, like this: [C]This is a [Am]song.

Then, you press the Copy as an image button, and you paste your song into your favourite word processor or graphics application: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher,, ...

Other features of Songpress include key transposing, conversion from the "tab" format to ChordPro, and conversion between several chord notations (such as C, D, E; Do, Re, Mi, etc.) .

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