ACID XPress v5.0
by Sony Media Software
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Last Updated: 2004-12-01
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Software Description

ACID XPress software is a free version of our award-winning music creation tool. Create your own original music using a pick, paint and play interface. It's easy -just pick some loops, paint them into a track and play your music back. It's the most fun you'll ever have creating music. Integrated "Show Me How" tutorials guide you along the music creation process beginning to end.

Download sample songs from, or use any of the Loops for ACID collection or Loop Starter Kit libraries. You can choose any loops you want to use because ACID XPress software matches the tempo and pitch automatically in real-time. Share your music by publishing it to and, or stream it from your own website.

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Works just fine for me

It only has 10 tracks, but you can publish your beats on Acid Planet


I found the program to be practically worthless unless you pay to upgrade. You cant save anything and it doesn't do much by itself... There wasn't enough in it to judge if an upgrade was worth the expense... It's a come-on, in my opinion... A teaser.

Registration Problems

(Originally posted 14:48:21 3/29/06)

I downloaded acid express this evening, but it wont allow me register keeps saying there is an error do I want to retry. Unfortunately I cant call the 1800 number from Ireland - HELP!


I'm gonna give a try and figure it out and see if it's any better.

need help

I had to reinstal my computer today and I can not find my orriginal password on the box. I have the # on the cd and it didn't work. I need to contact the right department and start recording again. Please respond to my e-mail. I hope that I sent it through the proper channel.

Joshua Soberg
Please call me or e-mail or provide a phone # to help me out I did buy the $60 program. Thank you for your response.

can i put reall music from my pa onto this program?

can i put it on this program with a mike because i need to know if it can handle my drums and amps.


I wanted to know, I want to get a demo to see how this works. Can I get a free demo to show my parents? Please respond. Thank you



acid dj give away

I need this program. I have talked to alot of people about it and every one seems to think it is the best. plus i am a guitar player and therefore have no keyboard or midi to use. I really love music but hate paying $30 and up for an lp that has two tracks on it that I like. besides if I can make my own music perhaps other people can enjoy it too. PLEASE, PLEASE, let me be one of your winners for the Acid Dj program. I swear to you it will be well used.

Muito Bom

programas excelentes


I downloaded most of the AcidXpress and it will not download after 90%. It is some sort of temporary file problem or something. Someone with an answer e-mail me back.

Re: AcidX

: I downloaded most of the AcidXpress and it will not download after 90%. It is some sort of temporary file problem or something. Someone with an answer e-mail me back.

Does AcidXpress3.0c really work on Windows95?

First I downloaded 3.0 and I tried to install it on my computer but a message popped up telling me that it works on other then I found this site and I downloaded 3.0c as the search engine Google brought it up as being "for Windows95". I tried installing 3.0c but I am still getting the same message popping up at the time of windows installation telling me that it works on OTHER platforms. Does anyone know why this is happening? Does 3.0c really work on Windows95????

Re: Does AcidXpress3.0c really work on Windows95?

the same thing is happing to me....figure that we need 98. if you find something diferent, let me know


i thought this was freeware is it limited can i export to wave i keep making orphanz


does this software allow you to save and record your work and then burn them onto a cd? an


i would like to know that as well, if anyone could help that would be great

the shiz

acid rap 2.0 iz the shiz

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