Sonicart v2.0
by Babyfishmouth Software

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.09 MB
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System Requirements:

Directsound, 800 x 600 16bit colour graphics

Last Updated: 2002-05-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Sonicart is a jingle encoding, scheduling and playback system designed for small community based radio stations.

Sonicart can be used to playback pre-scheduled jingle playlists
and also customised jingle playlists, which can be scheduled per show.

In this version:

  • Unlimited number of carts
  • Support for WAV and OGG format
  • Configurable Dynamic Crossfader
  • New style ‘Selector’ including up to 200 recently added tracks
  • New style VU Meters, plus Spectrum display in Sonicart
  • Ability to change Font and Colour in Sonicart
  • Ability to schedule adverts every 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Different preload and unload times
  • 1 minute scheduled adverts unload warning
  • Log only adverts
  • Decode MP3 to WAV (Sonienc
  • Individual encoding progress display (Sonienc)
  • Normalise extracted CD tracks (Sonienc)
  • All scheduled adverts, show playlists and recent tracks stored in database format instead of separate M3U files
  • Copy range of scheduled adverts (Sonipack)
  • Loop or Pause any cart in the stack
  • Loop the entire stack
  • Instantly play any of the first 10 carts in the stack via function keys F1 – F10
  • Re-order the stack using the playlist window
  • Save the playlist to external M3U or PLS file
  • Load all supported formats from Windows Explorer
  • Insert an entire directory of tracks, including M3U and PLS files, into Sonicart

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Can't Download Software

To the developer: Cannot download the software, there seems to be a problem.

The reason why your website is unavailable.

Historically, FreeUK provided webspace for customers to use as an additional free service as part of their Dial-up or Broadband connections. According to our records, the Dial-up or Broadband service that this webspace was associated to has now been cancelled and the website is currently offline as a result.

How do you schedule the carts?

I love sonicart. It is my stations blood but I can't figure out how to schedule carts to play.
Please Help! :-)

cant make window big

when I bring up the admin window... it is too smallto show al info how do i make it bigger

Software Installation Problems

I am producing a program on a community radio in Australia. Your software looks great but I could not get it running. When I execute the program I get a fatal error. Then the Sonicart logo stays on the screen and I have a flashing message: Loading, please wait...
I am running Windows 7 and I suspect this might be the cause. Can you help? Maybe you have a patch? Thank you in advance.

no uninstall program and no password

it does not have anyway to un install it and no password i would not recomend it to anyone also my antivirus program say it is unsafe

Function key problem

If you press F1 you can play deck 1, pres F2 for deck 2 etc. If you hold the function key down you hear the first few milliseconds of the file repeat until you let go. Anyway to fix this?:


I love this program but don't know the password under "options". Thought it was "adminpassword". Can anyone help ?

sonicart crossfading

how do i configure cross fading?

Sonicart Radio Broadcast

Sends out beautifully and quickly. uses it exclusively. Only one complaint, it can't be minimized.

Limited Use

Would be great if it was possible to play each deck individually instead of being forced to play them all back to back in a playlist.

Individual cart play

It will - pres F1 to play deck 1, F2 to play deck 2

Sonicart DJ use

Sonicart is one of the BEST DJ mixing programs on the net. It mixes each selection perfect! Ideal for clubs, DJs and home use for MP3 listening.


best for work in a radio let me know if you have a new version of this marvelous program thanks


first time using and eror 104 and109 came up what caused that

regards sue

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