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Soundcard and Microphone

Last Updated: 2001-07-01
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Software Description

First, the microphone converts sounds into voltage. Then, your sound card acts as a very fast digital voltmeter. It measures the voltage as often as 11,025 -- up to 44,100 times per second. You can set this number-of-measurement-per-second parameter using a drop-down combo box "Sampling Frequency" (here it shows 11 kHz) Each measurement is converted into an 8- or 16-bit number called a sample. 16-bit numbers allow for more accuracy in measuring subtle effects. You can select this paramter by clicking on one of the "Bits per sample" radio buttons.

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Regarding Sound frequency producers

Dear sir
I want to know that there is any instrument which can generate a perticular frequency of sound??
if yes then please tell me where it is??

Regarding Sound Frequency Producers - Mohit.

Dear Mohit.

Any VST will do that! I'd download the demo version of QSE Level 2 from Sionsoft and put Proteus VX into it. Then you'll have a whole range of instruments available you can make play on any frequency you want.

If you want a steady tone, checkout any free synth. Their base tones should do all you're after and they'll plug into QSE fine.

Yours respectfully


wave analysis

i am working on voice commanding,
i have recorded my sound as a wav file
can i comapre two wave file by anaysing its frequency.How can i analyse weav frequency ?pls mail me about this


Thanking You

Respected Sir,
I had Got A Wide Idea About You Tutorials And Free Source Code About
Sound Analyser. I am Interested In studing About Any New Applications , So Kindly Notify Me About Any New Updation.
Thanking You

sound analyzer

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