Sp3ctr3 v0.2
by St3pan0va
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2006-08-14
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Software Description

Sp3ctr3 is an FFT-based audio-mangling effect plug-in.

Controls are:

  • Lo cut - hard cut of lo frequencies
  • Hi cut - hard cut of hi frequencies
  • Blur - spectral blur - basically, degradation and noise
  • Hold - keeps spectral peaks - like reverb on acid but not
  • Harmonic - 0>0.5 removes integer harmonics of the detected fundamental 0.5>1 removes everything else
  • Threshold - cuts low amplitude partials
  • Edges - 0>0.5 removes slow-changing partials (long pure notes) 0.5>1 removes fast-changing partials (hard attack)
  • Warp - warps the frequency spectrum
  • Band stop - centre of a hard bandstop filter
  • Band width - width of a hard bandstop filter
  • Delay time, level, feedback - control a standard stereo delay
  • Pan - simple L-R balance control
  • Gain - waveshaping gain, soft lofi distortion (not clipping) if signal peaks
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