Square One
by Podcollective
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File Size: 82 MB
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Macintosh OSX.2

Last Updated: 2003-09-01
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Software Description

What is the Square One? Our best answer is that it is a new type of song. It is not a piece of music software for creating new works. It is an interface that will allow you to interact with our song, Dreamtime Dub. Think of it as a song that doesn't come to life without the participation of the listener.

The Square One unit is comprised of 12 Channels each containing an element of the song, a Sample Bank containing 20 additional song elements and a Memory Bank with 8 memory presets. Master controls are provided for delay, reverb and volume. There is enough function built into the unit to allow for a wide range of sonic variety and a record function that will save your live mix as an AIFF file. There are plans for a PC version but no release date yet.

Rychard Cooper - Programming & Music
Aaron Rix - Interface & Music

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