Streambox Action v1.0
by Streambox Inc.
(Streambox Inc. Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.6 MB
License Conditions:

20 encodings, digiatl watermark. Free to try. $49 for Home Edition version, $199 for regular version.

System Requirements:

G3/G4, 128MB, Mac OS 10

Last Updated: 2002-06-18
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Streambox ACTION is a high performance video encoding application for professional videographers and serious amateurs. ACTION streamlines the encoding process, combining the best encoder with the best in players, Apple QuickTime. ACTION comes bundled with Streambox ACT-L2tm video codec. ACT-L2 is specifically designed for compressing video (up to D1 at 30fps) into high quality streams that can be served over broadband networks. It provides the smallest file size for highest quality video and efficient decoding on limited power processors.

Key Features:

  • File chaining processes several files into a single output file
  • Batch processing of multiple input and output files
  • Encode process monitor
  • Input, output, split screen in/out
  • Time to encode, elapsed time and time by component
  • Compression amount per frame
  • Image filtering with image preview: Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, Hue, Sharpness,
  • Image manipulation: De-interlace, Crop, Scale, Output dimensions
  • Frame rate, Bits per second adjust,
  • Sound manipulation: Mono/stereo/none, Bits per second adjust
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