Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer v3.3.5
by Roni Music
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Last Updated: 2010-03-03
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Software Description

Sweet Sixteen is a 16-bit sequencer program that lets you record, edit, and playback all types of MIDI events and store them to disk. It features 192 PPQN (ticks per quarter note) resolution, and thanks to its multitasking abilities, you can use nearly every command while the program is running.

Other features include 24 tracks in each pattern, graphic note editing, and auto punch in/out recording. In Song Mode you have an extra 24 tracks in pattern 17 which runs in parallel alongside the arrange list. The Cycle Recording function jumps back without a glitch and also automatically quantizes each round without interrupting the musical time. Time Signature and Tempo tracks let you record more complicated pieces. External Sync Mode lets you sync to external devices.

Quick reading of Song Position Pointers and the Interpolation MIDI Sync means you get full resolution in external sync mode. Included are a detailed help file, a tutorial and sample song files.

New in v3.3.5

  • Fixed minor fix in Load MIDI file and could hang when using the MIDI Setup dialog issue.

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Sweet sixteen Freezing up

My sweet sixteen 32 freezes up not long after I start working on something.I'm running Windows XP.I also have an old version of the original sweet sixteen (V 2.56) which I purchased from "Hands on midi" many years ago.I've been using this all of the time but since Windows XP there has been a problem in the Event mode.When I put the cursor over any of the characters to be changed,it changes the ones to the right of the cursor not the one I'm sitting on.I have to go to the left of the character I'm working on and have to judge the distance to get the one I want to change.Most of the time it changes the wrong one.When I first used this software years ago before Widows XP, I had no problems,infact I have worked on hundreds of midi files with this sofware both altering some bought ones and creating my own songs from scratch and,apart from the problem I have just mentioned I can certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to use a very low budget user friendly software based midi sequencer.

Works good

Some things are a little hard to figure out, but if you use older computer equipment (Win95, low memory, etc.) Sweet 16 works great. There are basically only 4 screens, so once you know what you are doing you can concentrate on sequencing and use computer keyboard keystrokes to do things.

I am glad I bought it and am happy with its performance.

Doesn't work in Win 2k

The fuc*ing thing doesn't work in Win 2K...is there any other MIDI player that shows notes not the musical notation just like SW16 used to show??

Re: Doesn't work in Win 2k

I hate to tell you but`notes`ARE musical notation! As for the win2k problem... buy yourself a nice Mac G5 and use Logic software.

: The fuc*ing thing doesn't work in Win 2K...is there any other MIDI player that shows notes not the musical notation just like SW16 used to show??

Synchronising two MIDI files

I am trying to load two occurances of the same MIDI
file so I can do the pre-mix on the computer before
going to tape. How do I load and synchronise two
instances of the same file?
I will probably be registering Sweet16, but I want to
determine if it will do what I want it to do.
I would also like to see more Help Files.



Re: Synchronising two MIDI files

Who REALLY asked this question????

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