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This program is made available free for personal, educational or commercial use. Military use is prohibited.

System Requirements:

Fast processor and 32 MB RAM, 16 bit soundcard

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Software Description

Build your own modular software synthesizer with standard components like VCO, VCA, VCF, Delay lines and mixer modules.


  • Fully modular, no fixed configuration. Free to route any signal to any module. All signals run at audio rate (44.1 Khz) therefore ultrafast LFO and Envelope modulation.

  • VU-Meters

  • Output scope

  • Capture to stereo wave- or mp3-file

Available Modules:

  • 6 types of Oscillators.

  • Multiple filters with 12, 18 and 24 dB/Oct slope and Lowpass, Hipass and Bandpass out.

  • Mixers and amplifiers

  • Adders with 2 to 8 inputs, subtractor and ringmodulators

  • all kinds of logic modules including AND, OR, XOR, NOT, FlipFlops, counters, switches and demultiplexers

  • Delay lines and flanger/chorus effects

  • Output with surround sound support

  • 8 and 16 step analog style sequencers

  • 16 step Drum patterns

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loads of fun... I have been interested in various types of synthesizers for a while...this one is cooler than my hardware synths!(and it was free!)


Dear friends, may I inform You that the newest version synfactory114 is available. Several bugs are corrected, for this incredible fantastic program.
Jou shoulkd open a forum for the patch files there are wonderful soundtracks for sophisticated users. Kind regards Lutz


This soft synth kicks butt. I have yet to reach the 254 module limit. The modules available include binary counters, swithches, Mux/Demux, and multiple input logic gates for extremely sophisticated timing when combined with the 8 or 16 step sequncers.
This synth is extremely stable. I have never had a crash, and adjustable buffer sizing allows pretty much glitch free recording. Check the home page for the latest version.

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