TEFview TablEdit File Viewer 2.60
by TablEdit
(TablEdit Website)

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Software Description

TEFview displays, plays and prints tablature and sheet music available in TablEdit's TEF format.

View songs that are available from the internet in TablEdit file format on your computer screen.

Hear the songs the way the author intended to have them heard, at any speed. Loop sections of songs, or even entire songs so that you can get the most out of your practice time.

Print the songs out so that you can have them handy in your gig bag, instrument case, or even in a binder for easy reference when you are away from your computer.

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sucks a$$

This program sucks. I don't recomend it at all


i think that the software is very good, i have been enjoy very much, but i like know where there are pages with files tef. pardon for my english, i have been a little time learning it, thank you

Re: comentarios

i have never seen .tef files. i use guitarpro and have found a lot of files. does anyone know of a more versatile program that can read different formats and print tab? sorry i don't speak spanish.. i hope you can read french... je n'ai jamais trouve des .tef. j'utilise guitarpro et j'ai trouve beaucoup de musique. connais tu un program qui comprend des formats differents et peux (puera) les impremer. hmmm guitar pro = bueno.. muchos music files.



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