TS-808 v1.0.0.2
by Tactile Sounds
(Tactile Sounds Website)
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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2010-05-06
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Software Description

TS-808 is a software emulation of the Roland TR-808 hardware drum machine. It was created by reference to the TR-808 service notes and extensive analysis of samples.


  • TS-808 is a drum synth, not a sampler.
  • Most of the voices have more parameters and a greater range than their hardware predecessors.
  • All parameters can be automated.
  • Remote control is available via host mapping or MIDI learn.
  • There are 8 outputs.
  • Each voice can be routed to any output.

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New in v1.0.0.2

  • Standard GM Voice Mapping.
  • New GUI, designed by Limeflavour.
  • LEDs indicating Voice Activity.
  • Voice Mute Buttons.
  • Compiled with the latest version of SynthEdit, reducing CPU consumption.

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good drum syth

good drum syth

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