TS-AudioToMIDI v3.30
by TallStick Software
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Last Updated: 2004-08-10
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Software Description

TS-AudioToMIDI converts digitized music into MIDI sequences - and unlike other programs it CAN process polyphonic music (that is having many tones or voices). What takes several hours of hard work even for a well-trained musician will be a matter of some few minutes for TS-AudioToMIDI. TS-AudioToMIDI can operate in two recognition modes: off-line and real-time.

In off-line mode TS-AudioToMIDI creates MIDI sequences from input files (like mp3s or audio CD tracks). This gives you numerous possibilities:

  • Upload your favorite melody to your web page
  • Play it on your cell phone
  • Use it in your MIDI instrument for training or for background
  • Use it in a MIDI editor (and thus print your MIDI files as musical notation)
  • Make a preview of your mp3 collection (saves traffic on your web site)

In real-time mode TS-AudioToMIDI instantly converts music coming through microphone or line input of your computer into a MIDI sequence. Think of this mode as a powerful music processor, which allows some non-MIDI instrument (like a guitar) to sound as a violin or a piano or whatever instrument you've got in your MIDI synthesizer.


  • Both Monophonic and polyphonic recognition modes, four recognition algorithms.
  • Both real-time and pre-recorded modes of sound recognition are possible.
  • Manual and auto tuning to correct possible audio signal frequency deviation from the standard note frequencies.
  • Many possible input file formats, including mp3 and CD-Tracks.
  • Real-time Spectrum window controlled by Graphical Equalizer.
  • Sensor selectivity and sharpness controls with graphic representation are provided.
  • Graphic Harmonic Model control, setting up first four harmonics of recognized instrument.
  • Note duration filter allowing to ignore accidental short notes when recording to the built-in sequencer.
  • Output note filter, allowing to ignore notes of pre-set loftiness with ability to select note interval and/or presumed key.
  • Resulting MIDI signal transposition possible.
  • Ability to save settings both combined into one file and separately for each control.
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