TabIt v2.03
by GTab Software
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Free use for as long as you want but not as many features until you register. Registration: US$12.00

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Last Updated: 2009-02-03
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Software Description

TabIt is a full-featured program for creating, playing, and printing guitar, bass, or banjo tablature.


  • Playback: Enter tablature, then play it back through your computer speakers.
  • Multiple tracks: Tabs can have up to 15 different instruments (chosen from a list of 128) playing simultaneously.
  • Drum tracks: Augment your tabs with up to 47 different drums.
  • Printing.
  • Text file export: Convert your tabs into plain text files.
  • MIDI file export: Convert your tabs into standard MIDI files, suitable for playing or editing in other programs.

New in v2.03

  • For better compatibility with Windows Vista, TabIt no longer uses "C:\Program Files\TabIt\Songs" as the default location for tablature files; instead, it now creates a folder named "TabIt Tabs" inside your My Documents folder for this purpose. If any files are found in the old location, TabIt will offer to move them to the new folder.
  • The Open and Save dialogs now default to the "TabIt Tabs" folder. This can be changed by going to Tools | Options.
  • The help file has been rebuilt to work on Windows Vista.
  • Various fixes.

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Thumbs up for Tabit

This program is VERY helpful when learning guitar or trying to master that hard to play solo. You can slow the tempo down and play along with the song and speed it up as you get better at playing. DEFINITELY worth the 20 bucks for this program. I recommend 100%.

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