Tapeworm v2.0
by Tweakbench
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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2006-10-24
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Software Description

Tapeworm is a mellotron-like synthesizer based on remastered versions of j.p. hovercraft's original mellotron multisamples. tapeworm includes five voice types, tuning, attack, release, and midi automation.

New in v2.0

  • New vintage tape grain added per key
  • CPU performance & stability improved

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No velocity sensitivity?

The sounds here were great and I loved that you could add and subtract the tape noise to your liking. No velocity sensitivity though. What gives?

Source Code

This seems like a pretty simple synth. I would love to see the source code for this! By the way, it sounds really good when you modulate the FINE wheel (while slightly drunk, anyway) - perhaps the next feature - a MOD wheel?

I'm thankful

Hi! I congratulate, all of you. Because the service you manage. I am very happy because you supply software applied to the music. I love music, I play guitar, keyboards and I am learning to play bass guitar. You are the 'great' ! keep on providing new software ! Thanks, so
much !

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