Techno v5 - Virtual Music Studio
by eJay Entertainment GmbH
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Registration: £19.99

System Requirements:

Pentium III, 450 MHz or higher. 256 MB RAM. Minimum installation 500 MB free hard disk space required, 900 MB for full installation. 4 x CD-ROM drive. 4MB OpenGL 1.1 compatible graphics adapter. DX compatible GFX Card and Sound Card.

Last Updated: 2004-08-25
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Software Description

Techno 5 (formerly Techno eJay) is the perfect tool to start mixing your beats like the pros! Techno 5 is the latest music creation tool from the eJay line of award winning music creation software. Start producing today with the 5,000 royalty-free Techno / Electro Trance and other sound clips included with this package!


  • 5,000 royalty-free professional samples, loops, beats and patches.
  • 5 virtual instruments; Sample Loop Player, Drum Machine, Poly Synth, Bass Synth and DJ Decks - switch between beginner and advanced mode as desired.
  • 9 top notch effects; echo, chorus, reverb, compressor, distortion, vocoder, harmonizer, unison and equalizer with the ability to add more...
  • Master Effects: gives you the power to create a polished final mix.
  • Sample studio: professional audio editor to create and modify samples.
  • Volume & Pan Curves: gives you full mixing desk style control over each track.
  • Sample direct from CD or from any device connected to your sound card.
  • Auto Archive: automatically creates a backup of every song you save.
  • Burn your tracks to audio CD with the integrated burner.
  • Export your songs as WAV files.

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Techno ejay 5

I buy this program 3 months ago and now my computer say that ejay don't work any more?!!!!!!!!!




techno ejay




dj dedinu is making great songs with his own mind, he is really brilliant!!!!

well done dj dedinu

from tiesto

Re: DJ

: dj dedinu is making great songs with his own mind, he is really brilliant!!!!

: well done dj dedinu

Re: dj v

ik wil graag het nieuwe musicmaker hebben om nog betere muziek te maken


stephen coco - haha - coco stephen


i want to download ejay music editing software

oh heaven - it's brilliant!!!!

you know that i'm dj dedinu. my music in my parties are all made from EJAY.


ejay is beautiful

**** all the people who tries to **** me



This programe is so easy to use and probly one of the best, any moron could use it. Well worth the price!

Re: fg

Re: fg

Can i get that ?
i really wanna try it



odje nema nista


techno ejay

techno ejay


s**t s**t s**t s**t s**t sh shit


it wos s**t ha ha poopoopoopoopoopoopoo

Really good site

(Originally posted on 11:23:04 6/29/06)

It is a really good site. You can make up songs and things on it. I first ahd a go in music with my teacher. I think that it is fantastic. I would recommend it to any one. I am trying to down load it onto my computer because i like it so much. Thanks for making it loads of people at scissett middle school think its brill aswell. love Stevie



Techno ejay


Re: Techno ejay

: Salam

Re: Techno ejay

: Salam

Works fine Preece

Works ok on AMD 2000ghz with 192 RAM, in-built soundcard etc....dont see what their problem is

Holy Crap!

Holy Crap! 2000 gigahertz? How much did that set you back? And what kind of crazy heatsink do you have on it?


zdr milo mi6le mnogo si teobi4kam



hi ..

i want free , i dont know how , but i want it please .. it costs alot , but i love it ,, what can i do ?



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