The Song Librarian 3.1d
by Denis Ladouceur
(Denis Ladouceur Website)

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File Size: 1.04 MB
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Max. of 5 Songs in the library until registered. Registration is $20.00 U.S.

System Requirements:
Last Updated: 2003-12-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Three ways to use The Song Librarian during LIVE performance:Special requests (use "QuickSearch" function). Pre-determined order (creating "Sets"). By combining the first two access methods and using the bookmark feature.

Song's properties:
Title, Author, Style, Sequence, Mode (GM, GS, XG), Lyrics Track, Tempo Comments field for each song (with selectable font)

Sorting (by Title, Author, Style or Sequence of your choice). Grouping (sets). Play (F5), Stop (F6), Rewind (F7), Fast Forward (F8), Skip (F5). JukeBox (plays all songs of the set). Pause option for each song of a set (Pause, Delay, Never Pause). Continuous Play (for a song or a group of songs). Can launch PowerTracks automatically or can be launch directly by PowerTracks. Massive importation of MIDI files with a single operation (with recurse sub-directory). SYSEX (for a song or all songs in the library).Lock/UnLock Song List (F9).Quick Search by title, author, style or sequence in a set (Very Fast !)."BookMark" to bookmark the current song. This allows you to play other songs and restart from the bookmark later. It's very usefull when you want to play a special request while playing a set.So, you can mixt "Set" and "specials request from public".

Printing facilities:
Printing Songs' List (selectable fields, font size, orientation, user title).Optionaly outputing report to a .TXT file (with selectable fields)

Special features:
Support of "foot pedal" by the MIDI In (When it not linked to PowerTracks).Gamepad support (for use as a foot pedal or remote control).This tool can "Talks" with PowerTracks to load, play, rewind and stop songs. Export MIDI files with optionals .SLX files (The Song Librarian Xchange) "An SLX file contains (Title, Author, Style, Lyric Tracks) of the corresponding MIDI file"

Supported file types:
MIDI files (.MID), Karaoke files (.KAR),Wave files (.WAV),"PowerTracks" files (.SEQ) by PowerTracks linking (PowerTracks is made by PG Music,

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linking with Power Tracks

I cannot get The Song Librarian to link with my Power Tracks. It won't let me check the appropriate box. Help.

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