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Last Updated: 2011-10-11
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Software Description

Theta Music Trainer is a website that provides online games designed for fun and easy ear training and music theory practice.

Theta Music Trainer was launched last October 2010. Its aim is to provide musicians of all levels with a better understanding of music and improve their ability to play music by ear.

There are four types of music training games: melody, rhythm, harmony and sound. Each game has a total of twenty difficulty levels from easy to very hard. Games start with simple easy to solve problems and gradually increase in complexity and difficulty. Subscribers may enroll in a 30-day course which breaks the training into daily workouts of about 10-15 minutes, providing a balanced mix of ear training and music theory practice. Game scores are recorded and players may check their results and progress reports at any time.

Updated October 2011
Theta Music Trainer has added five new music games and two new training courses. There are also more features added designed for music teachers. The expanded site now has 25 games with a total of 500 levels to sharpen your ear and music theory knowledge.

New video showcasing the October 2011 update:

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