Tracktion T7
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System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.2 (Jaguar) or later, At least 128MB RAM; 256MB or more is recommended for heavy-duty work, Core Audio compatible audio interface , Core MIDI compatible MIDI interface if required.

Last Updated: 2016-03-07
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Software Description

Tracktion is a revolutionary, easy-to-use music production application that contains everything most people will ever need to professionally record and mix music on a Mac or PC - without all the hassles and limitations of other audio software. Tracktion's hallmark is a clean, single-screen interface and streamlined operation, whether you're recording tracks, MIDI programming, or mixing down songs. It offers rock-solid operation, VST and ReWire support, and very low CPU usage with operating systems ranging from Mac OSX to Windows 2000 and XP. And it contains a whole host of professional features that you can actually use from day one.


  • Clean, single-screen interface for easy recording, mixing and mastering
  • Full suite of name-brand plug-ins from IK Multimedia, Lin Plug, reFX, Bismark, Acuma Labs, Raw Materials and more
  • Unlimited track count (Depending on your computer's CPU)
  • Support for sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Importing and exporting of all major file types
  • Simple drag-and-drop audio editing
  • Track freezing for conserving CPU power
  • VST instrument and plug-in support
  • ReWire support for use with Reason software
  • Powerful MIDI programming and editing with step recording
  • Built-in Quicktime support
  • 64-bit mix engine for superb sound quality
  • Built-in sampler
  • MIDI mapping for external controllers
  • MTC input/output, MIDI Clock output, and MMC send/receive
  • Powerful project management features

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Changes in vT7

  • New Blue Steel interface
  • Clip Layer Effects
  • Multi-Browser Sync
  • Improved Marketplace
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

Changes in v5.3.15

  • Improved performance in searching for orphan files and other project operations
  • Better last location remembering when rendering
  • Supports aupreset files
  • Option to ignore tempo and time signature changes when importing MIDI files
  • Bugfix for closing windows when replacing plugins
  • Bugfix for import dialog showing behind plugin windows
  • Bugfix for rendering Melodyne clips
  • Bugfix for a VST3 bypass issue
  • Bugfix for setting the Audio Cache Size
  • Bugfix for MIDI Set All Incoming Note Velocities to Full
  • Bugfix for some Stillwell VST UIs not appearing

Changes in v5.3.9

  • Bugifix for a VST3 memory error.
  • Bugfix for ARA clips not rendering before the GUI is shown.

Changes in v5.3.6

  • Enabled colour editor.
  • Bugfix for new marker clip type on track pop-up menu.
  • Bugfix for recording MIDI in merge mode not updating immediately.
  • Bugfix for rendering racks with no audio inputs.
  • Bugfix for track meters on external MCU devices.
  • Bugfix for ReWire output channels not updating.
  • Improved controller mappings editor text colour.

Changes in v5.3

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Merge MIDI clips
  • Convert MIDI to Audio Clips
  • New Plug-in browser
  • Improved MIDI performance
  • Multichannel MIDI clip support
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch

Changes in v5.2.4

  • Fullscreen button for Windows.
  • Bugfix for archiving issue
  • Bugfix for stuck notes when using the MIDI patch bay plugin.
  • Bugfix for incorrect export formats being displayed in MIDI note and track renders.
  • Bugfix for some synth plugins not responding to MIDI.

Changes in v5.2.1

  • Bugfix for quick param displays in racks.
  • Bugfix for EQ phase invert
  • Various other bugfixes

Changes in v5

  • Improved multi-track recording process
  • Edit Clip format
  • New System Resource Manager with Freeze Point technology for optimized CPU usage
  • Improved MIDI capabilities
  • Various other new features

Changes in v4.0.3

  • Bugfix for some plugins crashing on exit.
  • (4.0.2)New plug-in scan using a child-process, so crashing won't affect the app.
  • (4.0.2)Bugfix for lock-ups/crashes when using track routing.
  • (4.0.2)Sorted out AU parameters and automation.
  • (4.0.2)Bugfix for recorded MIDI offset on XP.
  • (4.0.2)Bugfix for crashes deleting certain plugins when selected.
  • (4.0.2)Improved positioning of dialog boxes.
  • (4.0.2)Improved positioning of various pop up bubble messages.
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