Traktor Pro 2.6.8
by Native Instruments
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Operating System:
File Size: 148 MB
Price: USD 229
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No save functionality. Session runs for 30 minutes only. Registration: US$229.00

System Requirements:

Minimum: Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4 GHz (SSE1), 1 GB RAM. Supported drivers: ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound, WASAPI

Last Updated: 2014-03-12
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Software Description

TRAKTOR PRO has become a standard in digital DJing.

Mix digital files on four decks, using the high-quality internal mixer or external hardware, and the best effects suite around.

Fully primed for professional use, TRAKTOR PRO redefines the art of DJing. TRAKTOR PRO sets the standard for power, reliability, and creativity in DJing. The culmination of a decade of DJ software development, TRAKTOR PRO perfectly meets pro DJs’ needs.

With streamlined industry-standard workflows, 24 creative new effects, pre-assigned yet flexible MIDI mapping of all major controllers, premium sound quality and up to four playback decks, TRAKTOR PRO is in a class of its own.

A basic tutorial on setting cue points by Australian DJ John Beck:

Cue points part 2 by DJ John Beck:

In this video Native Instruments DJ Product Specialist and Dubspot Instructor DJ Endo takes you through the steps on how to customize your keyboard mapping and map multiple commands to a single key:

New in TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.8

  • New Controller Editor now allows full MIDI mapping of KONTROL Z1, S2 MK2, S4 MK2 and X1 MK2
  • Bugfix for crash caused by m4a files which contain cover art and were edited in version 2.6.6

New in TRAKTOR PRO 2.5

  • Remix Decks with 64 loops and one-shot samples per deck.
  • Interface seamlessly with Kontrol F1
  • Improved controls
  • Better beat detection
  • Various bugfixes


  • Mew Sample Decks
  • Loop Recorder

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Traktor Pro and upgrade to 1.2.6 for windows

If I were to buy Traktor pro, can I upgrade it to v1.2.6 when I have Windows 7?

You can just buy 1.2.6

You can buy the latest version for Windows 7 now - there's no need to upgrade.

Native Instruments are selling it at half price until the end of the year:

Thank you

Thank you

Need compression for DJ sofware

I want to make CDs mixing music now on my computer. Issue is that the volume levels of the gigabytes of different songs I have saved over the years are quite different. Back decades ago when I worked as a radio producer, we had a device that would automatically keep the volume levels the same or close to the same. Obviously there were significant issues with the technology and one needed to use it at low settings to avoid damaging the music quality. Can anyone suggest any DJ software that might address these issues. My OpSys is System 7 with strong hardware. I have used the Roxio software in the past, which has been personally useful as I now have well known software as (my opinion only) the worst software ever sold. Free is nice but not as important as will it do the job!!!

This should help with volumes

You can either edit the recordings before you mix with them to normalize the volume levels, or if you're mixing on the fly you can use compression and normalization after you've made the recording (the first option is probably best to begin with, and then still do some mastering after you've made the recording).

Any VST Host recording application will do this by using compression plugins - you'll find them at

Quick Audio is both a VST host and has these features built in:


Has anyone on this site ever learnt to read or write properly?

Looks OK to me

This description of Traktor looks good to me.

PS - it's spelled 'Traktor' not 'Tractor' :)

Re: Tractor3

Looks like the answer to that one is NO!

Tracktor and Vista

I am thinking about gettin this software however I need to be sure it runs with Window Vista.

Does anyone can tell me.

Re: Tracktor and Vista

Here is the system requirement page (

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