TremoLlama v0.7
by Rekliner Records
(Rekliner Records Website)

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2006-01-03
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Software Description

TremoLlama is a versatile tremolo plugin for live performance. The tremolo features are extensive, but what differentiates it from others are it's easy to use visuals and the "live" tempo features. The depth slider is self-explanatory, but you may have noticed that it doesn't have a frequency slider. You set how fast it cycles by tapping in a tempo or typing it into the tempo box, then setting the multiplier slider.

If the tempo is synched to another plugin or the host, only the multiplier knob is necessary. If you don't want the "upstroke" of the pulse to fall exactly on the downbeat you can use the offset slider to change where it is relative to the beat. It has a light that can turn on for the beats or the frequency of the tremolo. The remaining features are for controlling the tap tempo input and metronome output.

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