Trimmetry Tapper VST FX v1.1
by NUSofting
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The Demo version of Trimmetry Tapper has the same features of the full version. (periodic noise protection). Registration: $10.90

System Requirements:

VST host

Last Updated: 2003-04-02
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Trimmetry is a stereo delay effect, featuring 3 cascaded (serial connection) delay modules, each module got its own feedback filter and LFO for time modulation.

Trimmetry is a VST plugin for rich stereo tapped "vintage" echo effects, with ability to indipendently sync the 3 delay times with different rhyrhmic figures to the VST host tempo, and for very warm stereo chorus effects.
Using the VST host automation of parameters it can produces amazing and complex effects, thanks to the delay times controls which reacts smoothly for great pitch shift "tape echo" effects.

Friendly GUI: the graphics on the interface illustrates the audio signal path,
it helps you to have a clear understanding of the complex feedback interaction among delay modules.

Safe Tweaking: the internal soft limiter avoids any overload and clipping.


  • 3 delay lines in serial connection and with individual output,
    they are;

  • A: Sync to Midi, Delay Time, Damp, Feedback amount, LFO Rate, LFO Depth, Level , Pan
  • B: same as A plus on--off switch
  • C: same as B
  • Master: Color, Mix Dry/Wet.
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