Tune Buster Home Edition v1.1
by Marble Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 3.1 MB
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial. Registration: US$9.95

System Requirements:

MAC OS X 10.2 and higher

Last Updated: 2008-02-05
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Software Description

Tune Buster Home Edition is a full-featured keyboard synthesizer for OS X, and will turn your musical keyboard into a complete instrument. Tune Buster is easy to use and no configuration is needed, just start the program, plug in a keyboard and play.

Different sounds can be selected by clicking the desired instrument in the popup menu. Use the arrow keys or the mouse scroll button if you have one to speed up the selection process.
Tune Buster Home Edition can be made invisible by closing the main window, and the keyboard will still play. Choose ‘Open at Login’ from the dock to automatically start Tune Buster when you log in.

Tune Buster Home Edition is also ideal to play along with music that you are playing on your Mac, or to quickly find out what key a tune is in. It makes it easy to play along with songs in different keys by allowing transpositions up or down and can make pitch adjustments for songs that are not quite in tune.

Tune Buster Home Edition automatically saves all your settings from one session to the next. It features 6 presets which can be used to store your favorite instruments. Presets are activated by a mouse click or using a keyboard shortcut. Press shift + preset to store the current instrument into the preset.

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Yes! I've been looking for

Yes! I've been looking for something like this for a long time - works great. Thank you!

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