Ugly VSTi Interface v1.1
by Leigh Marble
(Leigh Marble Website)

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Macintosh (no 68K support) with OMS installed (will run without OMS but pretty limited in functionality)

Last Updated: 2002-03-05
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Software Description

This is a shell (aka "host application", aka "wrapper") for VSTi plug-ins. The "i" is for instrument - VSTi's are not effects plug-ins but synths, samplers, and other sound generators. Supports digital audio routing via DirectConnect, Rewire, and ASIO's. Quick to launch, simple to set up. Runs as a stand-alone application. Instructions included for connecting to Pro Tools.

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Ugly VSTi Interface

This "effect" turned the volume to max and sent a sin wave to my headphones.

Probably feedback. My ears are still ringing weeks later.

I probably have hearing damage. I'm not a novice user, I've been using computer
music software since the 80's. This is the first time I have encountered this kind of crap.

This program should not be used and should be taken off the web.

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