Ultra Trigger FX Free v1.148
by AZ Audio
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System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2008-10-15
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

UTFX is a vst audio plugin for windows vst hosts.This effect is particularly designed for real time or live audio work.The main idea behind this effect is 'triggering' : fx selection , fx 'synced parameter' and signal mixing can be performed directly from two benchs of buttons or more somply from midi CC or midi notes.

Modules :

  • 1 FX selector button bench
  • 1 Synced value button bench
  • 1 synced delay with feedback, high and low damping
  • 1 glifer (glide/drift) to produce some scratch/tape stop -like fx
  • 1 flanger with feedback damping
  • 1 standard phaser
  • 1 decimator unit with sampling rate reduction , bit depth reduction and a saturation
  • 1 realtime slicer with looping speed control and a variator
  • 1 Ring modulater with feedback
  • 1 3 voices comb filter with a chord selector
  • 1 shared lfo with 6 shapes (sin,tri,square,saw up,saw down and sample & hold)

Technical specifications :

  • Full stereo processing
  • Two phases Low frequency oscillator with sync offset
  • Dry/wet signal smoother
  • Maximum mix level defined for each fx

Synced values description:

The 'synced value' trigger bench is used to drive a specific parameter of each fx:

  • Delay : delay time
  • Glifter : glifting ramp reset frequency
  • Flanger : delay modulation frequency
  • Phaser : all-pass filters frequency modulation
  • Decimator : sampling rate reduction ratio
  • RT Slicer : offset to read in the sampling buffer
  • Ringer : delay time
  • TriCombs : tonality in midi scale (pitch)

Midi specifications:

  • The two benches of buttons can be automated with both midi notes and CC (all channels)
  • The faders can be automated with midi CC
  • The midi map is implemented in a classic grid directly connected to the plugin midi system , once a value edited it can be tested directly.Editing and saving is accessible with the popup menu on the main interface.
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