Unison 1.00
by Peter Jevnisek
(Peter Jevnisek Website)

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Software Description

The latest in large soundbanks, Peter Jevnisek's wonderful new GM/GS soundbank is now here for download. This is the one that's been talked about in the newsgroups, previewed with some mp3 samples, and has everyone waiting with baited breath! A wonderfully musical and clean sound; if you're using the SBLive! you must download this soundfont.

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Excellent!!! (but...)

The Unison soundfont is truly excellent. The samples are great, many of them of remarkable brilliantness, definition and quality.

On the other side, I don't like the Grand Piano, which is one of the most used instruments, and the sample chosen simply is not doing justice to the rest of the instruments. But you can download other nice patches for the Grand Piano.

Definitely recommendable!

Ariel Meter
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Re: Excellent!!! (but...)

como coño puedo comunicarme con vos?

The best

I want to share some tips for sueign Unison in Reality soft synth.
When you try the open the original unison, reality cant load this soundfont, because contain rom samples.
Tip: After download unison and decompress to sf2 file if you have Awave 7.3 do the folowing steps.
1: open unison in Awave 7.3, 2: In the file menu select save colection as, 3: Put other name and save in other folder, 4: open reality and open the new copy of unison.

Not enough memory

Unison is a great soundfont,...
but sometimes i can't seem to load them
into my sb live! card,.. the system
says "not enough memory" what could i
do about this?

SB Live!

Is it possible to load a sound font bigger than 32Mbytes on a SB Live?


Re: SB Live!

: Is it possible to load a sound font bigger than 32Mbytes on a SB Live?

: TaL

Yes, but you need enough RAM to do it. There's a limit for the amount of memory allocated for soundfonts, which is half of your available RAM.
I think you must have 64 MB RAM in your system, and that's why you can't load soundfonts bigger than 32 MB.


Comment for Unison 1.00

Two words: The Best!
When the next version?
(i'm italian boy...)

unison 1.00

I have downloaded the Unison 1.00 soundfonts and several times i have tried to load them into my soundcard - (I have a SB live card) It´s impossible. I´m being noticed that it´s a wrong format every time i try!

What do i do?


Re: unison 1.00

Try to decompress it firts using SfArk. Get it at www.melodymachine.com ;)


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