VA - Visual Analyser 2011
by Alfredo Accattatis
(Alfredo Accattatis Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.3 MB
License Conditions:

Free use

System Requirements:

Minimum 16MB ram, 1MB Disk Space, Full Duplex Sound Card

Last Updated: 2013-01-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

VA is a complete set of instruments for analyse and tuning electronic audio circuits with a PC and an audio soundboard (Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyser/Function generator/Frequency Meter).

It allows to plot the complete frequency response, and analyse the signal with a FULL D/A conversion. You can see on your scope even a 20 Khz signal with ALL the points of original input signal. The frequency meter allows to determine the frequency with FFT or in the time domain (right click on scope window).

Changes in v2011

  • Added waterfall view (3D graph)
  • Now possible to evaluate the measurements uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo virtual input device
  • Statistical window
  • No more flickering on all the graphic window
  • Enhanced 24 bit setting
  • New screen shot windows
  • Spectrum with "full", "Single" and "min max" option
  • You can select "full" and "min max" option in scope windows
  • A lot of minor bugs fixed
  • Preview window in filter setting and possibility to define the number of "tap" of FIR filter
  • Democratic help system

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Wonderful work !!! Not only

Wonderful work !!! Not only are the "instruments" powerful and effective but the graphics are incredible :) Gets the most out of a mediocre sound card and allows precision measurements from an inexpensive laptop computer.

Many, many, many thanks to the developer(s)

Charles R. Couch (randyc)
Consulting Engineer (retired), RF/Microwave Systems and Components

Author of "Designing Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and Related Topics"


This thing is awesome. Make sure that you tweek the SPECTRUM settings. I set it to 1/3 octave but if your EQ is different it has other settings 1/6 1/9 1/12 and 1/24. Also you can slow down the real time settings under spectrum AVERAGE real time.

Visual Analyzer

In my opinion Visual Analyser is the best pc based oscilloscope-spectrum analyzer-signbal generator-frequency meter... Lots of features, regularly updated and FREE!!! Administrators of should update this post: version 4 is an old version ov VA.

Can this software analyze a

Can this software analyze a note on keyboard/guitar (etc.) through a microphone attached?

spectrum analyser


Use of graphics to display non-audio signals?

Can I feed value-over-time rows of data into the program and use its graphic capabilities to display them? That would be really great.

Spectrum somehow weighted?

Why when a white noise file is played, it doesn't show up flat ... is the spectrum somehow weighted????

White noise isn't supposed

White noise isn't supposed to be flat. Pink noise is.

white noise

You are incorrect. White is indeed flat.

You're BOTH correct. Pink is

You're BOTH correct. Pink is flat with an RTA (octave bands) and White is flat with a spectrum analyzer. The "RTA" was devised specifically for Pink Noise characteristics.

"Access violation at address

"Access violation at address 00457457 in module 'VA.exe'. Write of address F666A9C7

VA - Visual Analyser 4.0

where we signal analyzed in computer?


To me this is a truly wonderful piece of software.

I have had no problems installing and configuring it
and it does not hog CPU.

I use it when I am programming software synths
as it helps me to understand sine waves saw tooths, etc
as well as ADSR envelopes and filters and modulation.

As well as hearing the results of my 'programming'
I can actually see the wave shapes and frequncies involved.

And its free!

Thank you very much - a very useful tool.



Thanks this is great program and it truly puts expensive bought programs to shame, a big congrats to the developer, well done to you. Brilliant


Thanks for downloadind!

Visual Analyzer

This is by far the best free oscilloscope program I've found! Great spectrum analyzer and signal generator too. (The only addition that would make it perfect is a log scale slider for frequency of the signal generator.) This is an incredible tool!





O'scope - does it use LPT1 port?

does this software work with a laptop?
what hardware will it need?
does it use LPT1 (printer port)?

i have a Dell laptop with XP



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