VB3 Controller v1.1
by MidiKarval
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File Size: 1.3 MB
License Conditions:

Works for only 15 minutes period of time. It then expires and you have to remove and re-load it in your host to use it again and only two “Alternative Presets” banks are available. Registration: EUR 10.00

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2009-01-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

VB3 Controller is a MIDI processor VSTi that allows you to control, using a MIDI controller keyboard, the SoundFonts.it VB3's five drawbar sets (upper manual A and B sets, lower manual A and B sets, and pedals) from a single set of nine physical drawbars (sliders or knobs).


  • Inverted Keys: on the original tonewheel organ that VB3 emulates, the bottom octave notes have reverse color keys ("inverted keys") that call up preset sounds. VB3 and separately VB3 Controller mimics this use of note keys to provide the player with presets. If you are using a 61 note MIDI controller keyboard or two separate keyboards, then using the "Inverted Keys" function causes the upper and/or lower manual's note playing area to be limited to four octaves; the bottom octave of your keyboard(s) (Upper and/or Lower Manual) can be designated as "inverted octave" and you can use this bottom octave's A# and B keys for switching respectively to VB3 Set A and B; the remaining bottom octave keys choose the 9 VB3 pre-set drawbar settings or the "Alternative Presets" (see below), whilst the C key triggers the "cancel" (no sound) status.
  • Alternative Presets: provide 6 banks (2 banks in the demo version) of 18 presets each (9 for the upper manual drawbars and 9 for the lower manual drawbars). Each preset can be called up by pressing one of the keys (C# to A keys) of your MIDI keyboard(s) "inverted octave" and shows the relevant drawbar positions on VB3, plus you can also temporarily change these preset drawbar settings. (The bottom C key is cancel sound or mute). Unlike VB3's regular presets, the Alternative Presets are drawbar position settings only. They do not alter rotary settings, percussion, chorus/vibrato etc. Moreover unlike VB3 presets, they will always default to their original factory settings when you next access them. They do not retain user settings.
  • Split Mode: you can reserve the bottom two octaves of your 5 octaves MIDI keyboard(s) for playing the VB3 pedal board.
  • Programs Section: you can store your favourite VB3 Controller's settings in one of the 10 re-namable programs for future use.

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New in v1.1

  • "Inverted Keys" Section: New "USE UPPER FOR BOTH" function: pressing one of the keys (C# to A keys) of your upper manual's "inverted octave" you can call up the relevant presets of both upper and lower manuals' "inverted key" (this is useful if you want to have consistent presets on both manuals with only one touch).
  • "Manuals" Section: New pedals' "COUPLER" and "STACCATO" functions: when the "Pedals/Upper" or "Pedals/Lower" function and the "Coupler" function are active, using the "pedals octaves" of your keyboard you can play in unison the pedals' sound and the lower manual sound, as many great jazz organists do. Moreover you can choose to make the pedals sound "staccato" (like an upright bass, whilst the "meat of the bass" comes from the lower manual sound). The "Staccato" effect is expressed in milliseconds (from 20 to 400 ms.).
  • Changes in the GUI: Now you can activate/deactivate the VB3 Controller's functions directly clicking on the relevant labels with your mouse's left button (whilst clicking on the labels with the right buttons allows to change the value shown on each label).
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