VLP 120 v1.1
by Ueberschall
(Ueberschall Website)

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File Size: 11.02 MB
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Reg: $299.95 US

System Requirements:

Pentium II 300 Mhz, 256 MB. VST 2.0, RTAS Host

Last Updated: 2004-04-01
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Software Description

The VLP 120 is a virtual instrument (PlugIn), combining a complete "Licks & Phrases" library of 5 CD's with an innovative audio engine.

This library, indispensible to any studio, contains grooving "Vintage Licks & Phrases" for all styles in the Club, Pop & Dance scene. The Licks were played on more than 20 different live instruments by professional studio musicians.

Thanks to the fantastic sounding MPEX2 algorithms by Prosoniq, these samples can be tempo and pitch adjusted to match your songs. The sounds remain crystal clear without any of the usual graininess. All licks were recorded at 120 bpm. These can be changed in tempo to +/- 30 bpm (90-150 bpm) and retain the highest quality. The samples are in the most important keys for Dance, Pop and Club music: C/a, F/d, G/e. Each sample can be individually adapted to +/- 12 semitones at no tempo change.

All licks and phrases of the VLP 120 can be very easily combined. With the large selection of instruments complete song layouts can be quickly and easily produced.

We refrained from the use of additional compressors, limiters and effects. All instruments are dry recorded. The entire library contains neutral, timeless output material which can be optimally adapted to your individual needs.

The new, innovative waveform representation manifestly visualizes the transition from loop start and end. In combination with the slidable controls on the outer ring for start and end, new variations can be created in a few seconds. The loops have no fixed start and end points any more!

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how to download?

tried many times weeks ago and before the link here to download from there site but nothing seems to happen or if it is downloading there is nothing to let you know whats going on.
can it really be professional if they cant even go to the trouble to make downloading easy, not everyone is a pc genius!

im bored, moving on to other software.

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