VSTHost v1.53
by Hermann Seib
(Hermann Seib Website)

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Last Updated: 2013-01-09
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Software Description

VSTHost is a demonstrational Windows program written in order to comprehend the inner workings of VST plugins. VSTHost is capable of:

  • loading VST effects (aka "plugins")
  • parameterizing / editing them
  • sound output for VSTis
  • MIDI-input and -output
  • loading / saving .fxb files

The important part of the program is an implementation of a VST host in form of 2 classes:


This implements the audio callback needed by an effect plugin as a neatly encapsulated VST host class. This is practically platform-independent code. The few platform-specific things are encapsulated in...


This encapsulates a VST effect, as loaded by the VST host. This class isn't fully complete - since I don't have a Mac, I've only included the Windows code.

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New in v1.53

  • Reworked 32-bit version
  • Faster loading
  • PlugIn scans will not load bad plugins
  • MIDI clock sending
  • Improved the plugin menu bar and its controls
  • Bugfix for the Auto Stereo options for mono plugins
  • Improved .vstxml file capabilities
  • Open manual from meny
  • Improved MIDI parameter conversions
  • Loads .kar MIDI files
  • Added built-in PlugIns for common MIDI configuration tasks.
  • Various bugfixes and internal changes.
  • VST3-capable programs use VST SDK 3.5 instead of 3.1.

New in v1.47

  • Can load 64-bit PlugIns in an x64 environment through direct JBridge support.
  • Wave player supports auto-stereo mode for mono files.
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes.

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Please note that for VSTHost any commercial (in your studio?) or public (a public performance?) use is strictly forbidden by the licence. I also don't see any way to buy a commercial license. An excerpt from the license:

This free VSTHost is intended exclusively for private use. You may copy the complete program package and pass it on to others for private use only.

The free VSTHost may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

i love this software

Few months ago I started to look for an alternative vst host and finaly here it is. It works great and it is really intuitive. Just I was thinkig if may be exists a vst to record in advanced mode from it. BTW thanks

Can't download VST Host

The download link fails for me with a 404 error.

VST host greatness!

Hey, the best hosting platform out there for live performance! AND IT"S FREE!!!!!! Even works well in Vista with a little larger buffer size. Helpful meter in bottom right corner shows how much CPU you are using in real time so you don't accidentally overload it. I've piled many many big chunky vsts into this thing and then routed them through all kinds of fx without a single crash. Simply the best out there as far as I've seen.

VST Host

This software is pretty well unbeatable for running VST instruments and effects in real time with ASIO hardware. It is very efficiently coded and will alow you to run CPU heavy modules that you might not be able to under other hosts. While I have heard so much about krystal and energyXT, I still don't need to look at them because vsthost has not let me down yet. Thanks again Mr Hermann Seib.

Setup VST Host with a MIDI Controller Keyboard!

Hi, i've downloaded the vst host but i'm newie with this kind of software and i don't know how to use it. I just want to change the sound of my vsti's from a midi controller keyboard, and i think there is somethnig that i forget, because a get sound from the modules but i cannot change from one sound to another with the keyboard buttons. Maybe you can help me with this matter. Thanks for all.


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