VUMT v1.95
by Klanghelm
(Klanghelm Website)

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2014-08-01
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Software Description

The VUMT is a VU meter and trim plugin.

The VUMT's behavior was carefully modeled after classic VU meters' general ballistics. It features a 300 ms attack and release time, meeting the standard specs of VU meters. It also allows for channel volume trimming of up to +/- 20 dB.

the VUMT has a Clip LED indicator for loudness monitoring. And to monitor your audio in style, it sports different color skins to match your music workstation or your color preference.

The VUMT has two mutations which also affects it's GUI, the VUMT SOLO and the VUMT DUO.

• Sports a Single VU meter for monitor space efficiency.
• With a switchable additional needle for monitoring the left and right channel levels in one single display

• Features Two VU meter displays for detailed monitoring of either left/right of mid/side level information
• When in MS operation, the volume trim knobs will control the volume of the side and mid channel.

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Changes in v1.9.5

  • AAX Native format
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Various bugfixes
  • When oversampling, latency is lower and and less CPU is used

New in v1.9

  • Now supports RTAS support
  • Bugfix for hold needle
  • Bugfix for unreadable reference level in VST3
  • Some minor needle behavior improvements

New in v1.8.2

  • Now supports VST3
  • Dedicated installers for Mac and Windows
  • New reference level for PPM mode
  • Bugfix: typing in negative values is finally working.
  • Bugfix: issues with higher sample rates.

New in v1.5.7

  • New settings panel to adjust rise/fallback times of the meter
  • New unique overshoot parameter
  • Improved needle animation
  • Additional PPM mode
  • Enhanced clipping LED
  • Switchable hold needle which shows cirrent max VU
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