Vusic 2.5
by Morgan-Hocker Group, LLC
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Last Updated: 2004-10-06
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Software Description

VUSIC is interactive music response software that "listens" to music CD's and generates colorful animations in response to the beats. VUSIC works with ANY music CD put into a CD-ROM drive.

VUSIC’s robust features allow unlimited creative possibilities in the generation of spectacular patterns that synchronize to music. Vusic provides complete control over all aspects of these animations. Users can create custom graphic elements or choreograph original animations which can be saved and attached to song tracks on a CD or shared with others. In addition, these animations can be encoded onto the music CD's themselves.

Users can create original animations for specific songs on any favorite CD's. These animations can be saved and attached to song tracks on any CD, so that VUSIC will play that saved animation whenever that particular song track is played. These animations can be shared with others or they can be permanently encoded onto a homemade CD or a master CD for duplication. VUSIC can detect these animations on the CD and play them automatically.

VUSIC is ideal for raves, clubs, music festivals, or any venue where music is played. VUSIC can easily be configured to respond to any kind of sound input, such as mixers, microphones, guitars, synthesizers, etc. When VUSIC is projected onto a large screen, the audience will be able to experience the music visually as the projected images will be synchronized to the music automatically.

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Brilliant software. This actually responds to the music being played, unlike a lot of other programs. Brilliant graphics, give it a go!

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