Vibra2000 v1.0 r2
by Koblo
(Koblo Website)
Owned by user Stacey

Download from the
Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 1.1 MB
License Conditions:

Registration US$29.95

System Requirements:

VSTi/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2008-10-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Vibra2000 features a powerful arpeggiator, filter and Oscillator and the classic Koblo sound found in many trance, progressive and breakbeat compositions.


  • A single-window view.
  • An easy to understand interface.
  • MIDI CC assignment.
  • Polyphonic.
  • Three Oscillator types.
  • Global tuning.
  • Pulsewidth modulation.
  • Simple Arpeggio section.
  • Portamento.
  • A lush filter.
  • Simple Amp envelope control.
  • Hold note feature.
  • db output meter.
  • Pan control.
  • Session recall.
  • Session automation.
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