Vienna Soundfont Studio v2.3
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Last Updated: 1998-09-21
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Software Description

Vienna Soundfont Studio is no longer available

We have left this page here so users can ask questions in the discussion area below.

Creative Technology Ltd.:
For those of you new to desktop music, Vienna SoundFont Studio is just what you need to produce your first masterpiece. This is a professional sampler that allows you to create any sounds you want (saved as SoundFont banks), and edit them in any way you wish!

For those musicians who are already familiar with the Vienna SoundFont Studio, you have even more reason now to stay put in your studios. This latest version of Vienna SoundFont Studio (Version 2.3) makes creating SoundFonts easier than ever.

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Re: Device drivers

same problem with an AUDIGY PLATINUM + win 98 SE - Vienna is given by SB on the installation CD so we can suppose it should work but how to do ? - same lack of information here !!!

Re: Device drivers

Creative Labs France has given not valuable information. I can read their aproximative french and understand english as well. US section as well has never replied to my questions.
Loading their Audigy Driver Update Pack the 1rst msg is "no Audigy card installed". I am not stupid and playing music right now through their
equipment ! So I really believe I is a good technology and the problem is related to the declaration as SoundFont compatibile device as the AWE32 was. I am looking at requests for Win sound API. Interested people can contact me and valuable comment will allow us to progress. Just leave a follow up here. Merci.

Re: Device drivers

Just got a Creative Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Ex and Vienna Soundfont Studio 2.3 comes with it but I'm getting exactly the same error message. 'm running it on Windows XP

Re: Device drivers

I got the same message
Perhaps this is because I don't have a Soundblaster soundcard (I have a Dell laptop which has an ESS Technology soundcard
If anyone knows how to get Vienna to work on a non-Soundblaster card, please let us know.

Re: Device drivers


Seems we're in the same boat: I've got an ESS card as well (ES1869) which apparently comes close to these Soundblasters. Vienna seems to be a good product as it is mentioned in quite a lot of places on the net where soundfonts are concerned. Can't think Creative wrote it just for SB users so there must be a way around this problem. Maybe there's a Vienna Users Group somewhere out there?

Re: Device drivers


I get this as well, and I have a real McCoy AWE32 fitted. However, it's not the only soundcard in my machine, so i'm guessing that the software goes looking for the default sound device, and checks to see if it is a Soundfont-compatible bit of kit. If not....error.

Which is a shame, as I wanted to use the AWE32 simply as a synth and my other (onboard) card for the rest of the functions.

Re: Device drivers

i need help..everytime i record on my es1869 on winxp..i get this crackling noise and i can't play games such as counterstrike without hearing this crackling noise in the background i want to how to take it out

Re: Device drivers

OK, I'm so desparate :) I'm gonna leave my email address here in case anyone comes up with a solution: (I play da sax ...). Meantime let's see if or one of those has a solution; Creative Labs has none (obviously ...)


I think you need a soundfont software like LIVESYNTH PRO for it to work.
But who knows
On the soundblaster site there isn't any support.
I Will call them then post my results here soon!!

Vienna Studio works only in Windows 98

I have a SoundBlaster 64 ISA card and since I installed Windows 2000, Vienna does not work anymore as well as the AWE Control that I used for downloading soundfonts to the card.
There are no drivers for Windows 2000 at this time and it does seem that it will remain like this!


After going onto the Creative website, I found out this program is made for SoundBlaster Live, and it doesn't seem to work with anything else. I have a SB PCI64, and it doesn't work for me either.


I do have a SoundBlaster Live, and Vienna still doesn't launch. I have Windows XP. Perhaps Vienna only really only works with older versions of Windows?

It saddens me to see so many desparate people having the exact same problem, and there is no information to be found on the Creative website.

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