Virtuosa Gold 5.20
by FunVibes
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Operating System:
File Size: 15 MB
License Conditions:

30-day trial period. Registration: US$39.99.

System Requirements:

PC or compatible 133 Mhz, 32Mb RAM, 25Mb HD, soundcard, CD-ROM

Last Updated: 2005-05-02
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Software Description

Get the most spectacular all-in-one mp3 and divx jukebox.

DISCOVER VIRTUOSA, the most spectacular music and movie jukebox on the planet ! The MUST-HAVE FOR MUSIC LOVERS ! It's COOL, FUN and EASY!

Virtuosa is a program that has been created to reduce the distance between music and people. This software will change the way you live and experience music in the most exciting way ! Virtuosa? is what is called a digital jukebox, it enables you to TRANSFER, ORGANIZE, PLAY and ENJOY music and movies on your PC. But it is much more than that as you will see. Virtuosa? is easy for beginners and really powerful for advanced users. Now, how can you benefit from such a program ? Well, imagine you give a little party and want to play your favorite music without spending the evening searching and changing CDs all the time. Virtuosa? will play all the tracks you want in the order you want and as many hours as you want ! And not only that : your music will be accompanied by the most amazing visual effects in transparent windows at full screen size !!!

Software Features:

  • PLAY ALL standard audio (Mp3, Wma, Wav, Aiff,...) and video (DivX, Mpeg, Wmv, Avi, Mp2,...) formats with superior quality (Wma, Mp3 encoders included) !
  • MIX your NORMALIZED audio tracks with the addictive AUTOMIX engine !
  • RIP CDs to your computer and CONVERT audio files automatically into high-quality formats (convert Mp3 to Wav, Wav to Mp3, Wma to Wav, Wav to Wma,...) !
  • BURN your own music compilations on standard audio CDs with just one click !
  • VISUALIZE music with SPECTACULAR plugins in TRANSPARENT windows !
  • ORGANIZE and TAG x-tra large collections in the solid music and movie database !
  • CREATE unlimited PLAYLISTS of your favourite tracks for long-lasting ambiances !
  • EXPERIENCE the full-screen interface, don't hurt your eyes with tiny software !

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