Vivaldi Gold v4.1
by Allegroassai Spa
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Last Updated: 2010-03-02
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Software Description

You can edit your score straight away with your mouse very easily, even without reading the manual or inputting any symbol or note. If you want to play on a MIDI keyboard and see in writing what you are playing, with few mouse clicks you can configure the MIDI input.


  • Quick and intuitive score editing.
  • Real Time MIDI recording - Real Time displaying of note heads while playing for an immediate feedback.
  • Immediate access to hundreds of symbols used in popular music, jazz, and 20th century music.
  • Customizable Toolbar for quick access to frequently used commands.
  • Zoom in and out for precise control (from 20% to 400%, fit page, and fit width).
  • 60 dialog windows.
  • Rec and Counter palette.
  • Graphic Mixer window with settings for volume, on, solo, rec, pan, program change, voice, channel, and port.
  • You can open and edit up unlimited number of documents.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the selection and insertion of notes, rests, accidentals and arrow, eraser and pencil tools.
  • Undo function available for all commands.
  • Interchange File Format: ability to create documents suitable to be opened by both platforms (Windows and Macintosh).
  • Creating a score of any dimension (from A0 to B5, or custom dimension, defined by the user).
  • Margins of pages definable for each page.
  • Unlimited staves per system. The ability of inserting single, double, organ, voice and piano staves.
  • 8 available voices per staff.
  • Centering function of staves and systems, automatic or manual.
  • Editing, removing, and inserting any symbol directly with the mouse on the score.
  • Zoom: 100%, 400%, fit page and fit width.
  • Graphic mixer with volume, on, solo, pan, program change, voice, MIDI channel, and MIDI port.
  • MIDI output to any external peripheral and MIDI interface.
  • MIDI output with internal synthesizer.
  • The ability of saving programmed sound tables.
  • Printing with Postscript and Quickdraw printers.
  • Insertion of multiple lyrics with custom settings of fonts, sizes and styles.
  • Insertion of independent texts or texts attached to one or all staves.
  • 6 types of bar lines (single, double, repeat, end of piece, dotted, absent), and two choices of positioning (on the single staves or continuous).
  • 5 types of connections between staves (simple line, no connection, brace, single bracket, brace + single bracket).
  • The ability of inserting key signatures (major and minor) in any staff and with automatic note transposition settings.
  • The ability of dragging the accidentals.
  • Crescendos and diminuendos which continue automatically in next line.
  • Octave symbols which continue automatically in next line.
  • Pedal markings which continue automatically in next line.
  • Dynamic markings which continue automatically in next line.
  • Various other symbols (percussion mallets, muting, glissando etc) which continue automatically in next line.
  • Slurs with four control points which continue automatically in next line.
  • The ability of inserting nested tuplets (e.g. a triplet with a quintuplet incorporated).
  • Automatic and fine adjustment of the length of tuplet brackets.
  • Fine tuning of tuplet brackets with their 5 handles.
  • Automatic or manual spacing of notes.
  • Auto beaming feature.
  • Options and custom settings for the MIDI performance of grace notes (cut into preceeding or following note, percentage of the cut note etc.).
  • The ability of adjusting the default length of stems.
  • The ability of shaping the contour of slurs and designing complex slurs.
  • Diatonic and chromatic transposition of notes.
  • Changing note values already present in score

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Vivaldi Gold

It is really neat and works well! The only question I have is that it won't let me save!

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