Vogue MK2 v1.8.6
by Victor Cerullo
(Victor Cerullo Website)

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Price: USD 3.99
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System Requirements:

MIDI Keyboard

Last Updated: 2013-04-19
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Software Description

Standalone eight-voice polyphonic microtonal software synthesizer.


  • Eight-voice polyphonic
  • Hybrid synthesis engine (virtual analog and wavetable)
  • 9 VA waveforms, 78 wavetable, white noise
  • Three oscillators per voice, with individual square wave sub-oscillators (1 or 2 octaves lower)
  • True monophonic mode (three voices at unison)
  • Single LFO with 6 waveforms
  • Ring modulator, chorus, flanger and phaser effects
  • Easy-access modulation matrix
  • Scale-relative pitch-bend (self-adapting to tuning scale steps with microtonal precision)
  • 80 factory preset programs
  • Receives MIDI tuning standard SysEx messages
  • Compatible with Max Magic Microtuner mtx tuning files
  • Includes library of 3,000+ tuning files

Changes in v1.8.6

  • Bugfix for hang at startup on some Macs.
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