Volko Alaturka Drum v1.2.4
by Volko Audio
(Volko Audio Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 344 MB
License Conditions:

This is full functional evaluation version. Full version $39

System Requirements:

VST host application, 350 MB free hard disk space, PIII/Athlon 1.8GHz, 512 Mb Ram, Display capable of 800x600

Last Updated: 2013-04-16
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Software Description

This is a drums software that produces rhythms of North Africa, Middle East, Arabia and Anatolia.

The Volko Alaturka Drum has all the essential features of drum plug-ins, which makes it a powerful drum track producer. It also has preinstalled ready to use authentic rhythms that will let you immediately start making great rhythmic music.


  • Real-time tempo change
  • 900 MB 24/44.1 high quality sample library
  • 10 velocity layers for every sound
  • 3 drum kits. Gretsch - Renown Maple, Gretsch - Vintage Antique 1970,Istanbuldrums - Bubinga-Maple-Woodhoop
  • Natural and processed samples
  • 36 authentic styles
  • 24 different variation and fill under every style
  • Transferring the rhythm to the server (host) program with the Drag & Drop function
  • Direct usage of any style with any drum kit instantly
  • Humanizing feature, limiter and reverb
  • Grouping mixer
  • For every channel play, Mute/Solo, velocity level, reverb, volume and 8 stereo output settings
  • With Internal bpm, usability independent from the tempo of the host program (i.e. using tempo 60 as 120)
  • VST and AU support

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New in v1.2.4

  • 64bit support

New in v1.2.3

  • Memory usage efficiency improved
  • The resampling algorithm is improved
  • Default Limiter settings have been changed.

New in v1.2.2

  • Added V-Drums Mapping functionality.
  • Added Mapping selection button to switch between "V-Drums" or "Standard" mapping.

New in v1.2

  • New mix set has been added
  • NNew memory management system
  • Faster pass between kits
  • Velocity ranges have been changed. **.
  • MIDI files have been updated for new mix set. **.
  • Memory usage indicator flashing while loading feature has been added.
  • Default parameter has been changed
  • GarageBand Drag&Drop bug has been fixed.
  • AU parameter compare problem has been fixed.
  • AU saved kit selection problem has been fixed.
  • Non-GUI parameter update crash problem has been fixed.

New in v1.2.1

  • Jumping problem has been fixed in MIDI engine.
  • Random Cubase validation failure has been fixed.

New in v1.1

  • Improved loading time for Mac OS X.
  • Bugfix for crash issue with Mac OSX 10.5.x
  • Renewed limiter effect
  • New parameter for Limiter Effect: Make Up
  • Bugfix for Snare mapping
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