VstLua v0.06 beta
by tzec
(tzec Website)

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File Size: 1.3 MB
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System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2007-12-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

VstLua is a plugin which allows simple MIDI processing scripts to be easily created and used. It uses the Lua language for scripting, and includes the ability for scripts to define their own GUIs.

New in v0.06 beta

  • SysEx support (not very useful atm, as virtually no hosts support VST sysex, except for VSTHost).
  • Infinite loop trapping added.
  • Persistent storage of data between sessions (read and write from the table called "persistence").
  • Fast interprocess messaging via shared memory, so multiple instances of VstLua can talk with minimum latency.
  • SetHostTime added (for Bidule users).
  • Much simplified GUI access.
  • Easier to do midi mapping with the new addMidiFilter() function.
  • Console window, so commands can be run and executed immediately
  • Scripts are associated with presets.
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