V-Station v2.3
by Novation
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Operating System:
File Size: 3.5 MB
License Conditions:

Price: £149.00 / €208,60. Disabled in demo: Load/Save, Import/Export, MIDI controllers, Multiple instances, Patch renaming, Automation, Audio fades down randomly.

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2014-10-03
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

V-Station is a plug-in version of the hardware K-Station.


  • V-Station sounds can be downloaded into the A or K-Station and vice versa.
  • Liquid analogue sound based on the K-Station sound engine.
  • Powerful 3 oscillator sound engine with Noise and FM capability.
  • Arpeggiator with synchronisation lock.
  • Simultaneous high quality effects including Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Panning & Distortion and EQ Filter.
  • 400 user programs - 200 factory presets.
  • 8 note polyphony per instance.

New in v2.3

  • Code-signing certificate improved.
  • Updated splash screen.
  • Bugfix for crashes with large projects (> 2GB) in Windows 64-bit.
  • Bugfix for crashes and occasional stuck notes with certain rare note on/off message sequences.

New in v2.2

  • Novation Launchkey mapping
  • Compatibility improvements

New in v2.1

  • Now compatible with Windows 8
  • Note that RTAS is not yet tested because Pro Tools is not yet officially supported by Windows 8

    New in v2.0

    • 64-Bit Plug-In types
    • RTAS and VST3 Support
    • Multi Plug-In type installer
    • New authorization procedure

    New in v1.5.1

    • VST parameters with 0 centred range now normalised. NOTE: this fix causes patches made on older versions of V-Station VST to load incorrectly, consequently a new 'legacy mode' option has been added to the global options page. If you are loading a patch created on an older version of V-Station then set 'legacy mode' to 'on'.
    • AU presets saved with patch number 356 or above now recalled correctly (settings and sessions saved by the new version, with a current preset number of 356 or above will not be loadable with older versions of v-station).
    • Improved rotary pot control behaviour.
    • Fixed bug in saving of env trigger states.
    • Knobs can now be reset by ctrl-clicking (so can be reset when pot ctrl set to rotary) as well as double-clicking.
    • V-Station now authorizes correctly in Digital Performer on Intel Macs.
    • Fixed crash caused by frozen V-Station tracks in Logic.
    • V-Station GUI now appears correctly when Automap-wrapped version is loaded in Logic.
    • Fixed crash caused by holding note past loopback point with an arpeggiated patch in Logic.
    • Arpeggiator now triggers correctly at start of playback.
    • Patch rename window no longer appears behind plug-in window in Live (Mac VST version only).
    • Fixed crash when using V-Station in Windows on a computer with a hyperthreading processor.

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This is not Freeware

This is not freeware is it?????

Your email infers it is

V-Station v2.0
Windows | 7 | Vista | XP

Recreates the sound of the K-Station synth. [VST]

But try and install it.


Thanks for notifying us, we have corrected the information.


i klove it!!




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