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File Size: 8.6 MB
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Free usage for non-protected wedelmusic objects.

System Requirements:

16MB RAM, 50MB Disk Space, Sound Card

Last Updated: 2002-05-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

WEDELMUSIC Editor, version 8.1, january 2002. A full version for producing and reading WEDELMUSIC objects. It support only non protected WEDEL format, while it fully support the WEDEL XML format for coding music and related objects.

It allows the integration of music score in symbolic notation (WEDEL format and any other format: IGOR, Sibelius, Finale, etc.), images of music scores (PNG format, as producd by the Image Slicer also included into the CDrom), documents (MS-Word, PDF, RTF, ASC, WPD, WPS, XLS, PostScript, TXT, HTM, HTML, HTML with FLASH included, etc.), audio files (wave, mp3, snd, aif, etc.), videos (mpeg, avi, quick time, mpeg1, mpeg2, wma, mov, etc.), files of other music notation programs (MIDI, Finale MUS, Finale ETF, Sibelius SIB, etc.), image file (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PNM, JPG, TGA, PCX, PCD, TIFFFE, etc.), performance, classification, identification, Lyric documents, etc.

New features added and not reported in the WEDELMUSIC manual are:

New User interface as mediaplayer.

new installation process, more roboust and simpler.

Extended Video Plaer, included images can be protected

Extended image viewer, included images can be protected

Extended document viewer, included documents can be protected, it allows the inclusion of FLASH files into the HTML document, you have to add the SWF file contianing the Flash dragging and dropping them into the WEDELEDITOR as done for any other content.

Extended Lyric Editor, that allows you to build multilingual lyrics and apply them to the music score when needed. This avoid the need to have several version of the same music score, one for each language.

Performances as sequences of images (sliding show) synchronised with the selected audio file. You can build new sequence by using the command new on the performance folder of the WEDELEDITOR. You can play it by clicking the produce performance with the mouse.

Support for Client users to get and use WEDELMUSIC object from their home and office: BUSINESS TO CONSUMER Model. On this basis, the publisher, mediateque, libararires can share the content among other institutions and librarires. In addition, the libraries that has their Local Distributor can make available their WEDELMUSIC objects on their WEB site, permitting in this way at the registered clients to download objects and to work at home with the same content available in the Library. See File WEDELMUSIC-Content-Sharing-Among-Mediateques and B2C.pdf in the Document directory in the CD. This process works presently only with ON-LINE connection, stable connection to the Library via Internet of the Client User when it is at home. The Trial site for testing the B2C trnsaction and protection model is:, click here on this line. Please return to any suggestion.

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