Wav2MP3 Wizard v3.2 Beta R338
by Wav2MP3
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Last Updated: 2006-06-13
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Software Description

Encode all your WAV files to MP3 or OGG.

  • Supports encoding to MP3 and OGG, given the source is in WAV format.
  • Supports decoding to WAV, given the source is in MP3 or OGG format.
  • Handles one or multiple files, through batch processing; that is, encoding or decoding one file after another.
  • Uses the L.A.M.E., BladeEnc and OGG Vorbis encoders, all under the GNU GPL license.
  • Supports handling of ID3Tag v2; Artist, Title, Album, Genre and Year tags.
    Has 10 pre-defined encoding profiles for amateur users who do not want to experiment with the options.
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