WaveKnife v1.14 alpha
by Second Face Productions
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Last Updated: 2010-05-20
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Software Description

Use an audio extraction tool like WinDAC or CDCopy to extract the tracks of the sampling CD into WAV files.

Now run WaveKnife. Select the source and destination directories and the first file you want to split. (You may select multiple files for batch processing.) If you want the output files to be monophonic just select the mono option. If the input files are stereophonic the left and right channels will be mixed to one channel then. Hit the count button. WaveKnife counts how many sounds would be extracted with the current noise level and Gap Length values.

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Igijeva Jebaljka

Igi je najbolji jebac na celem svet !
Volem da me jebe u supak i usta.

Done it - do you have wav spec sheet?

I've written a program yesterday in c++ that scans for the maximum sample value in a 96/24 wav. Do you by any chance have the spec sheet of a wav file? My program works, but I'm not shure if it works for each wav file (copyright tags and stuff).

Sample/bit rate 96/24

I'd really love waveknife to be able to do the following:
Find all absolute non-zero audio in a 96/24 or 96/32 file, and save the result in separate wave files. It would be REALLY great if it was possible to tag those files with a "maximum RMS value" and/or a "maximum peak value"...
Maybe I'll do a little programming myself, but I'm only a novice VB programmer.

The purpose of this is, as you may have guessed, the ability to automate the generation of a huge multi-velocity split samplebank. For gigastudio, LM-4 etc.

Greetings and thanks for your program, Tijs Wickardt

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