Wave Power v2.1
by Viewsound
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Last Updated: 2006-08-29
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Software Description

Wave Power is a modular real-time sound processing application. You can use it to create a block diagram by placing modules on the screen and connecting and modifying them in real time.


  • Twenty two different types of signal processing components (modules) including one for VST plug-ins.
  • Input / output from / to either soundcard (MME, DirectSound or ASIO drivers), WAV file or VST.
  • Input also possible from signal generator component (sine wave, square, rectangle, triangle, sawtooth, chirp, harmonics or noise).
  • Integrated spectrum analyser and oscilloscope can display spectrum and waveform at any connection.
  • MIDI CC control for all VST parameters as well as for many settings of other components.
  • Automation of modifications with various options is possible.
  • Lots of additional features without much additional complexity.

New in v2.1

  • Added option to delete all modifications before or after any position in the chart.
  • Fixed bug that prevented changing the program of a VST plug-in.
  • Fixed bug that made reversing the deletion of a VST component result in re-opening the plug-in with its default parameter values instead of its latest parameter values.
  • Fixed bug that prevented opening a chart file from outside Wave Power by double-clicking on it.
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