Wave Corrector Standard v3.3
by Derek Higgins
(Derek Higgins Website)

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Operating System:
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License Conditions:

Noise removal is limited to the first two minutes of the wave file and only track 1 of a multi-track album can be saved in its entirety. Registration: US$39.00

System Requirements:

Minimum 1GB of free disk space for processing LP files.

Last Updated: 2006-09-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Wave Corrector uses advanced digital processing to remove noise from old analogue recordings and to create digital audio files. Files can be transferred to CD or to a digital library.

Wave Corrector employs sophisticated noise reduction algorithms to remove many kinds of surface noise including repeating clicks, ticks and plops. The click eliminator provides accurate audio restoration by reconstructing the original audio wave from measurements of the phase and frequency content. In the Professional Edition, individual click corrections can be manually adjusted to optimise the corrected wave.


  • De-clicking, including block and super-scan options.
  • De-Hissing
  • Full Recording Console for attended and unattended timed recordings
  • Automatic and manual track splitting
  • Track editing, including adding boundary fades and silence
  • Track tagging.
  • Support for compressed audio formats including external command line encoders
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