Wave To Text v5.26
by Research Lab
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Operating System:
File Size: 25.0 MB
License Conditions:

7 Day Trial and then shows nag screens. Registration: US$79.00

System Requirements:

Sound Card, Microphone

Last Updated: 2001-09-15
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Wave to Text is the perfect companion for professionals on the move. Record your notes, ideas, comments and memos anywhere via a portable recording device (like a simple voice recorder or your PDA). Then, once you are back in the office, use Wave to Text to convert your .wav files into clear, fluent text. This state-of-the-art helper is great even for home businesses and serious office use. Now you do not need to worry about being away from your desk when an important discussion is taking place or when you have your next Eureka! moment. Rely on Wave on Text to accurately convert all continuous speech into text ready for business use.

To help developers who want incorporate our voice-based security system into their applications, wave provided a Wave to Text SDK component. The SDK integrates seamlessly with any application, and detailed instructions are provided when you first install the component. Wave to Text SDK offers you the unique opportunity to provide cutting-edge speech-to-text facilities that you wow and lure your customers with.

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Virus in Free Version!

I've just donwloaded the free version of this product and it HAS A VIRUS! The Antivirus didn't let me run it and move the voice2.exe file to the vault.

No wonder why the product is "free to try"....

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