Wavestation Librarian
by Fred Fee
(Fred Fee Website)

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File Size: 1 M
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I am asking £10 for this one to reflect the time and hair-loss it took to get it into its final bug free state.

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Last Updated: 1998-11-23
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Software Description

A complete librarian for Performances, Patches and Wavesequences from any Wavestation model, featuring: keyword search and retrieval; two banks and up to three libraries active at once; intelligent copy; banks transferred to and from any Wavestation RAM bank; audition Performance or Patch; MIDI mouse play; MIDI bulk dumps; full manual.

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I tryed to use the program to manage some of my patches, but i always get an error message while trying to dump sysex data from the WS to the Atari....I now that there is something wrong in WS documentation and also in the operating system (i have an old version...). How can i send my performances to the program ?? Thank you to anyone could help me .. Hi, marco.

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